What to Bring & Know

Remember to bring clothing for special occasions, a warm winter coat, gloves, snow boots, raincoat, umbrella, sweaters, sportswear.

Personal Care
Sheets, blanket, bedspread, pillows, towels, washcloths, first aid kit, medications, hair dryer. All beds have 36″ x 80″ (extra long twin size) mattresses. Residents taller than 6’6″ may request a longer bed (very limited availability, 36″ x 90″).

Acceptable Additions to Your Room
Computer, printer, battery backup alarm clock, radio, stereo* (bookshelf style speakers), TV, fan, small plants, refrigerator (no larger than 2.5 cubic feet), posters/pictures, floor lamp.
*A Note on Stereos: Speakers with subwoofers are not permitted. Headphones are required of all residents possessing stereos and other sound systems.

In addition to the Holy Cross Bookstore, college and dorm room supplies may be purchased at numerous shopping venues within 5 miles of the campus. Residents of Pulte and South Halls may desire to purchase kitchen utensils, as well as some basic baking supplies, including oven liners.

UL listed extension cord and surge protector, iron, flashlight, hangers, laundry supplies, room cleaning supplies, sports equipment, bicycle, camera, dictionary, thesaurus.

Do Not Bring the Following
Alcohol, empty containers or packages of alcohol including shot glasses, drugs and paraphernalia, firearms or other weapons, pornographic or sexually explicit material, fireworks, pets, ceiling fans, air conditioners, candles, incense, dart boards, halogen lamps, bed lofts, waterbeds, microwave ovens*, hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, broilers, rotisseries. (A microwave oven is available in the Student Union.) Room decorations which depict or promote the use of illicit drugs are prohibited. References to alcohol may not be the focal point of any room decoration.

*Microwaves are permitted in North, Pulte & South Halls only.

Alcohol & Visitation
Holy Cross does not enforce a curfew, but does limit the hours at which residents may visit the rooms of members of the opposite sex. Alcohol is NOT permitted anywhere on the Holy Cross campus, nor are students permitted to bring alcohol themed decorations to the residence halls. For more information concerning Residence Life policies please refer to the student handbook.

Additional Information for Incoming Students

Holy Cross College does not endorse any specific bank or credit union. A number of banking options are available near the campus. An ATM is located in the Student Union and in Vincent Hall.

Breaks and Vacations
The residence halls and cafeteria are closed during Fall Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break. Residents are not permitted to remain in the residence halls during these breaks. During Thanksgiving and Easter breaks the Residence Halls are open; however, meals are not served.

Cable Television
Cable service is provided to all resident rooms (except North).

All assigned furniture must remain in the room.

Health Form
All residents should have completed the health information form as part of registration either prior to or during their SOAR session.

Health Services
Holy Cross College has an on-campus health clinic and counseling services available to students.The South Bend area has several local clinics and hospitals available for residents to use in the event of a medical emergency or visit. Please contact a member of hall staff if you have any questions about where the nearest clinic may be located.

Resident students need to be covered by health insurance. Please make sure that you are covered by your parents’ policy, or arrange a policy for yourself.

Washers and dryers are located on the 1st floors of North, Pulte & South Halls, and near the Student Union for Basil, James & Anselm Halls. There is no cost to use the laundry facilities, it is included in the price of room and board. The facilities are reserved for resident students only.

On-campus parking is available for all students. All student vehicles are required to be registered with campus security, and to display a parking decal by the first day of class. The first vehicle registered is free of charge. Additional or replacement parking decals are available at a cost of $30 each.

Room Assignments
Residents may view their assigned room in the Holy Cross Portal. Returning student assignments will be posted in early May, new student assignments will not be posted until the end of July when all assignments are confirmed.

Smoking is prohibited in all College buildings, and only allowed in a designated area. This includes rooms in the residence halls, the cafeteria and lounge spaces. The use of chewing tobacco is also prohibited in all College buildings.

Speakers with subwoofers are not permitted. Headphones are required of all residents possessing stereos and other sound systems.

Students may not store luggage and boxes in hall storage during the academic year. There is a small charge for summer storage of personal items.

Each student is assigned and is expected to use a Holy Cross e-mail account. A computer lab is available for all students in Vincent Hall. Wireless service is available throughout all campus facilities. Residence hall rooms are wired for Internet access. Choosing between laptop or desktop computers is completely up to each student. Assistance is provided as needed by the Information Technology Department for configuring personal computers for internet use. Please visit Technology Resources website.

Mail & Packages
Mail & Packages are delivered to student mail boxes in the student union and the package room located across from the dining hall every business day. Your mailing address should be written as:

Your Full Name (No nicknames)
Holy Cross College
54515 SR 933 North
PO Box 782
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0782

Note: If you plan on shipping your belongings from home, you must be on campus to receive them. The College does not have adequate facilities to store your belongings prior to your arrival.

Valuables, such as expensive jewelry are strongly discouraged. The College assumes no financial responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property of students, nor does it carry insurance on the personal property of students. If a student is not covered by the parents’ policy, he/she may check with any general insurance agency for details for securing such insurance.