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The Sports Management minor consists of an 18-credit curriculum designed for students who intend to develop competencies and skills necessary to be successful in the sports industry. Students completing the minor in Sports Management will develop an understanding of how principles related to management, legal issues, marketing, ethics and leadership are applied within various sport organizations.

Sports Management Minor Requirements

SPOR 320 Sports Facilities Management 3 hours

The course explores planning, developing, and managing sports facilities. Students examine existing facilities and plan for the development and management of new athletics facilities.

SPOR 333 Sports Marketing & Communications 3 hours

This course is a study of the roles of marketing, promotions, communications, and fund raising play in the sports enterprise. Students will also be involved in planning, organizing, and delivering programs in these areas. Students will receive direct experience in implementing a sport event project on campus.

SPOR 260 Sports Law (Ethics, Title IX) 3 hours

This course provides an extensive overview of legal principles and ethical issues in sports. Included will be a broad range issues related to sports law such as antitrust exemption, labor law, the athlete/agent relationship, and issues of Title IX. The course concludes with a study of the role and application of ethics in decision making processes.

SPOR 250 Financial Aspects of Sports 3 hours

This course provides the sports management student with information concerning the basic theories of finance and economics in areas of sports management. Included are forms of ownership, taxation, financial analysis, feasibility studies, licensing, and economic impact studies.

SPOR 205 Psychology of Sports 3 hours

A study of the competitive sports experience, with emphasis on the multidimensional factors involved in the psychology of sport. Prerequisite PSYC 101

SPOR 222 History & Philosophy of Sports 3 hours

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