Board of Trustees

Holy Cross College Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of the Holy Cross College and adopts rules, regulations,and policies governing the College.

It consists of members of the Congregation of Holy Cross as well as lay men and women committed to the College and its mission.

The Board has authority over curricular development, use of property, development of facilities, and fiscal and human resources management.

The Board meets on campus twice a year, allowing for communication among trustees, with the College president, administrative officers, faculty, staff, and students.



Mr. Thomas Ayers
Mrs. Kathy Malone Beeler
Mr. David P. Bender, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Naquin Borger
Mr. Louis V. Carnesale
Sr. Amy L. Cavender, C.S.C.
Mr. Calvin Colbert
The Honorable David J. Dreyer
Br. William Dygert, C.S.C.
Mr. Daniel B. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Joshua Gentine
Mr. John Gschwind
Br. Kenneth Haders, C.S.C.
Dr. Gregory A. Hoffman
Br. Robert Lavelle, C.S.C.
Dr. Thomas W. McGovern
Mrs. Lucille McKenna
Ms. Barbara O’Connor
Mr. Mark T. Pulte
Rev. Kevin M. Russeau, C.S.C.
Mr. Timothy Shea
Mr. Thomas C. Sopko
Br. Donald J. Stabrowski, C.S.C.
Ms. Kathleen Texido
Rev. David T. Tyson, C.S.C.

Mr. Robert F. Corrao
Mr. Arthur J. Decio
Mr. William Giles
Mr. Jerry Hammes
Mr. John R. Hardesty, Jr.
Mr. Jerry B. Love
Col. Brian Regan,USMC, (Ret.)
Mr. William Shannon, III