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Once a Saint, Always a Saint

Holy Cross male and female cheerleadersTo all Holy Cross College alumni, welcome home! We’re so grateful for all the contributions you made to the Holy Cross family during your time as a student here. You’ve played a crucial role in sustaining our traditions and creating a college experience unlike any other.

As alumni, you are blessed with a wealth of talent, experience, know-how, and access to innumerable resources. As a result, you have a number of new roles you might play in the Holy Cross family: mentor, supporter, donor, social media sharer.

However you choose to engage with your alma mater, know this: you’re always welcome here.

  • Keep in touch. From updating your profile on the alumni giving directory to following Holy Cross College on social media, we make it easy for you to stay connected.
  • Get involved. Assist with internships. Attend our annual golf outing. Or participate in an alumni networking event. As you remember from your time as a student, great things happen when you get involved at Holy Cross.
  • Spread the word. Check out the latest in Campus News  or take a deeper dive into HC life in the pages of Connections magazine.
  • Give back. Support the Holy Cross cause closest to your heart.
  • Request a transcript. We make it as easy as possible!
  • Support HC.
  • Buy HC gear. Update your Holy Cross wardrobe and show your Holy Cross pride.