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Male student in ItalyStudy abroad at Holy Cross is more vocation than vacation: it is a deeply moving and worldview-altering experience you will never forget. Holy Cross College students in good standing may choose to study abroad at one of the following partner institutions:

These agreements allow students to remain Holy Cross students and receive credit toward their degrees. Participation in programs will be limited to a select number of students each semester.

Eligibility to Participate

Students are considered in good standing and eligible to apply for a study abroad program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum credit hours: 45 Holy Cross credit hours at the time of applying
  • Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.0
  • No code of conduct violations
  • Will complete the study abroad experience before their senior year

A student’s eligibility to participate does not guarantee participation in a program. Program participation is limited. The College reserves the right to deny a student’s participation.

Application Process

Students must notify the College’s study abroad coordinator of their intent to apply to a program. The College’s study abroad coordinator will approve a student to apply to a program. Approval to apply does not guarantee acceptance by a program. Students must apply through the College for programs with which the College has agreements. Current students may consult the Academic Advising Moodle page for more thorough instructions.

Direct Charges

The College will charge students its standard tuition, comprehensive fee, and room and board for the semester in which a student is participating. The College will pay the associated tuition, fees, and room and board to the partner institution.
There will be a surcharge for the following programs:

  • St. Mary’s University Twyckenham – London, England: $1,000
  • John Cabot University – Rome, Italy: $5,000

There is limited financial aid available to offset the fee. The surcharge will be determined and published annually.

Financial Aid

A student’s financial aid package will remain as if he or she were on campus.


Students will be required to live in housing arranged through the host institution abroad.

International Health Insurance

Students studying at St. Mary’s Twyckenham and John Cabot University are required to purchase international health insurance through the College’s provider. The expense will be added to the student’s bill. Students studying at the JPII Project have insurance included as part of their fees. Students studying at Maynooth University through Saint Mary’s College must purchase insurance through Saint Mary’s College.

Travel to and from Partner Institution

Students are responsible for the arrangement and expense of getting to and from the study abroad program.

Other Considerations

Students are responsible for books and incidentals. Any Holy Cross book vouchers will not apply.
Students are responsible for applying for and acquiring a passport and, if applicable, a student visa.
Students who choose to study abroad outside of the College’s partnerships must withdraw from the College for the given semester or academic year and then reapply for admission afterwards.