Career Development

Welcome to Holy Cross’ Career Development. We provide a personalized experience for each student and alumni, focused on planning, action, and reflection.

The COMPASS program provides education in career planning skills, resources to explore majors and careers, and instruction in resumes, job seeking and interviewing. Students completing this program receive a certificate showing they are job ready. As a result, they are better able to transition from student to professional.

Every student completes an internship. Interns experience new work environments, try out their career plans, meet new people to build their professional network, and increase their social/emotional intelligence. They use their job-readiness skills to initiate contact with employers and to on-board successfully at an organization.

The Senior Capstone helps students make sense of college and life experiences. This course helps them develop a vocabulary to describe their strengths, interests, and work values. They engage in a reflection of their own narrative, learn how to transfer their strengths into new professional roles, and articulate their contribution to a workplace. Students also learn career management practices and how to best adapt to the ever-present change and uncertainty of the contemporary workplace.

Service Learning is a unique experience for each student. They discover the personal stories of other people and learn about disadvantages suffered by our society’s most vulnerable. Examples are working with autistic children, building affordable housing, and visiting with senior citizens afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Students explore the social values that resonate with them and how they would carry these forward in their lives.


Kathryn Cressy

Adam Debeck
Director of Career Development