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Biology: The study of life

The scientific investigation of living organisms spans from the microscopic to the global biosphere. The focus of the biology program at Holy Cross College provides our students with a solid understanding of the broad principles of the biological field of study, to prepare them for their future needs—all within a Catholic educational environment.

Our biology courses are taught from an evolutionary perspective, which explains the unity and diversity of life. Within our curriculum, students interested in the health fields may elect to take human anatomy or comparative physiology, while student focusing on graduate school may elect to take cell biology or ecology. Whatever your future goals in biology may be, you choose from a range of courses to meet your professional goals.

We learn by doing

100 percent of Holy Cross College biology students participate in an internship. You’ll also be encouraged to complete an undergraduate research experience—and utilize the resources of our tri-campus community partners, the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. Recent biology students have:

  • Interned as an Innovation Consultant with enFocus, Inc
  • Researched tree diversity and human physiological stress
  • Enrolled in courses at the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College, such as embryology, biochemistry, and cell biology
  • Served in the community (100 percent of Holy Cross College students serve before they graduate)

The rigorous coursework and experiential learning opportunities available to biology majors at Holy Cross will prepare you to pursue a graduate or professional degree, or to begin work immediately.

Holy Cross College offers biology majors tracks in physical therapy, public health, exercise science, and neuroscience. A curricular track is a set of courses that indicates a professional direction or academic focus to a course of studies. A track differs from an academic minor in being more flexible in its number of credits and in suggesting more of a sense of professional direction than in indicating a topical interest. A track is distinct from a concentration at larger colleges or universities that have expansive course offerings within particular academic majors.

Biology Major Requirements

Biology Minor Requirements

Faculty major academic advisor

Professors. Mentors. Research partners. The Holy Cross College biology faculty will help you connect your passion for science with the needs of the world.

Pictured is Aris T. Alexandrou, Ph.D.

Aris T. Alexandrou


Picture of Brother Lawrence Unfried

Brother Lawrence Unfried, C.S.C.