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Core Curriculum

Three students at the Honors ConvocationStudents at a global immersion experience

Scholars. Citizens. Leaders. Disciples.

A distinctive core
At Holy Cross, you dive into the liberal arts intellectual tradition with a core curriculum that forms you into a true scholar who is known for critical thinking, clear communication, and deep wisdom on a wide variety of subjects. We invite students to become scholars your very first semester through courses such as the College Seminar, where the professor will gather a small class around a table and guide a discussion of great books and big ideas. From this starting point, you will grow in confidence as an active learner—not just a note and test taker but someone able to participate in intelligent discussion about our world.

Experiential learning
Holy Cross students are not isolated but rather immersed in the local and global community. These exciting experiences form you into a true citizen of your city, country, and world. Your journey starts with the Common Good Seminar, in which students are not only gathered around a table with their professor but are also sent out in teams with a mentor to help solve a community challenge.

Career advantage
Holy Cross was among the first colleges in the country to have 100% of students complete a professional internship. This opportunity gives you many resources and mentoring to find the right career for you. In the Senior Capstone Seminar, a faculty mentor prepares you to share how your Holy Cross journey is launching your career as an emerging leader in your field with professors, peers, and community guests.

Distinctly Catholic
One of the trademarks of Holy Cross College is that students learn to be Catholic in the fullest sense. You will develop a deeper appreciation for spirituality and sacramental life and at the same time grow your passion for social justice and service. Plus, you will benefit from conversations with those of other traditions and gain a fuller sense of what it means for you to be a disciple in today’s world.


Click here for the required college core curriculum that reflects the mission and vision of Holy Cross College.