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Career Advantage

Learn to lead before you leave campus

Male students walking around campus100 percent of Holy Cross students complete an internship before they graduate.

We believe that every student should have a chance to apply what they’re learning in a professional setting. Not only will you gain experience that will appeal to potential employers, you can start to fine-tune your career path well before you graduate.

One size doesn’t fit all

Because of our smaller student body, the Holy Cross Career Development Office develops personal connections with students that lead to tailored internship opportunities that fit your goals. That means fewer menial tasks like fetching coffee—and more meaningful work that will prepare you for what’s next.

For example, Holy Cross students have recently interned as:

  • Congressional aids in Washington, D.C.
  • Health care assistants in large hospitals
  • Marketing assistants in multinational companies
  • Assistant producers at television stations

The Capstone Presentation: Bringing it all together

How has Holy Cross College shaped you? How will you use your education to make an impact in the world? These are just a few of the questions you’ll answer through your 25-minute multimedia Capstone Presentation during your senior year at Holy Cross.

The Capstone Presentation offers you the opportunity to reflect on your most formative experiences at Holy Cross—and how you will use the lessons you’ve learned to go forth and make the world a better place.

Many students incorporate insights they’ve gleaned from the CORE—their service learning, internship, academic, and global experiences. Or they might highlight how they’ve grown as leaders of student organizations or members of varsity athletic teams or through their involvement in campus ministry.

Ultimately, your Capstone Presentation will help you synthesize all the diverse ways in which you’ve grown at Holy Cross—and prepare you to articulate to potential employers the value of your experience.