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Lauren Morris

Hailing from Fishers, IN, Lauren majored in Biology at Holy Cross College.

Journey to Holy Cross

“Essentially, it was Coach Robbins who recruited me to play basketball for Holy Cross. On top of that, I wanted to give myself the opportunity to attend a smaller school where I could excel in areas like academics, sports, and teacher interaction,” shares Morris.

Picking a Path

Initially drawn to biology, Lauren’s passion for the field deepened as she progressed through her freshman year, immersing herself in the challenging coursework of biology and chemistry. This journey ultimately solidified her ambition to pursue a career in medicine, with aspirations of earning either an MD or DO degree after her gap year.


In her role as a senior senator in SGA, Lauren was involved in creating proposals for the college and advocating for student ideas.

“I had the role of a senior senator, creating proposals for the college and being a voice for the several ideas that students had for the future of the college.”

Special Memories

Reflecting on a significant moment, Lauren highlights the formation of a study group during her sophomore year.

“This study group not only allowed me to form some of the best friendships I have in college, but they also pushed me to be better. Without my study group, I truly do not believe I would have excelled in academics and as a person the way I did.”

“I would love to come back as a Holy Cross alumna and discuss my experience, advice, journey, and more with biology students! Particularly ones interested in medical school.”