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Every product and service needs marketers

With a minor in marketing from Holy Cross, you can learn how to position your business’s product or service in the competitive marketplace. As a result, you can bring value to any company or organization, regardless of the industry.

Holy Cross College business majors interested in learning more about marketing—and adding a highly sought-after skill to their professional toolkit—can tailor an 18-credit marketing minor to their career goals.

Through courses ranging from Consumer Behavior to Graphic Design to Digital and Social Media Marketing, you’ll learn how to tell a brand story that resonates with your target audiences.

Marketing Minor Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements

Program contact

Linda Thorpe Gordon, Advisor and Instructor for Business


William Pratt, Visiting Instructor, Business Management, Finance & Economics

David Hoffman, Visiting Instruction, Law & Personal Communication

Chad Deitchley, Adjunct, Marketing

Kevin Steward, Adjunct, Business & Finance

Laura Jackson, Adjunct, Marketing & Sales