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Nicholas Leslie

Nicholas Leslie from Trenton, OH, is will soon receive a History degree at Holy Cross College.

Selecting Studies

Fascinated by the human condition throughout history, Nicholas chose History as his major to gain a deeper appreciation of the human spirit and understand how past events continue to impact the present.

“History allows me to garner not only a deeper appreciation of the human spirit but also derive an understanding of how the triumphs and tribulations of the past continue to echo and reverberate into the present day.”

Outside involvement

Nicholas is actively involved in the Outdoors Club at Holy Cross, where he contributes ideas for club activities and trips, finding recreation from his rigorous academic pursuits. Additionally, he has volunteered at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal and the Cincinnati Art Museum, gaining valuable experience in both professional and educational settings.

Faith Transformation

“During a time when I was plagued with internal conflicts of faith, I participated in Saints and Scholars at Holy Cross. I remember telling my mother that I have never felt closer to God. Today, I am happy to say that while at Holy Cross, I underwent the RCIA process, and was baptized and confirmed Catholic in December 2022.”

Next Steps

After graduation, Nicholas plans to pursue secondary education by joining Creighton University’s Magis Catholic Teachers Corps.

“I have always felt teaching was my vocation. I hope to bring the relational learning and holistic education to the classroom that helped form me into the person I am today.”