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Physical Science



The Physical Sciences minor provides Science, Social Science, and Business majors fundamental knowledge of the important concepts, techniques, and problem-solving methods of mathematics that are universal to physical laws and essential to reasoning and analytic studies.  Students will acquire precision and clarity in the oral and written communication of scientific ideas;  and  proficiency in problem solving, mathematical reasoning and the scientific method.

The minor emphasizing universal objective truths applicable to all disciplines  fits well with the Catholic mission of Holy Cross College.

Successful completion of this new minor can initiate students who plan to pursue careers and jobs in all sectors. The program can also strengthen student preparation for advanced study in an analytic or technical field.  Even if not used directly in a professional setting or graduate program, the cross-disciplinary application of mathematics and the physical sciences will provide students with logical skills, critical reasoning, and a broader understanding of the world and a versatile skill set that will strengthen their intellectual capabilities and complement their major.

Students must acquire a conceptual understanding of the following core areas of the undergraduate program:  19 – 20 credits hours for a minor in Physical Sciences are distributed as follows:


1. Four Required courses:

MATH 151  Calculus I (4 credit)
MATH 152  Calculus II (4 credit)
PHYS151 Physics I (4 credits with lab)
CHEM151 Chemistry I (4 credits with lab)

2. One of the following:
PHYS152 Physics II (4 credits with lab)
CHEM152 Chemistry II (4 credits with lab)
(at St. Mary’s or Notre Dame)  Geology
(at St. Mary’s or Notre Dame)  Astronomy

Physics Minor Requirements

Faculty Advisor

For more information, contact the program director, Dr. John Biddle.

Vincent 182
Phone: (574) 239-8371
Email: [email protected]