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Signature Scholarships

The Signature Scholarship is Holy Cross College’s most prestigious merit award. All First Year applicants whose applications are submitted on or before February 15 are eligible to be considered for a Signature Scholarship, valued at up to $20,000 per year. Admitted students who are nominated for a Signature Scholarship will be notified of their nomination in the decision notification.

Completing the interview

Signature Scholarship awarding process requires an interview, which can be completed via phone or virtual meeting or during an Interview Day on campus. The interview must be completed by April 19th to receive the award, though we encourage students being nominated to participate earlier to be notified of their final status as soon as possible. To register for an interview, please log in to your Holy Cross Applicant Portal.

The Signature Scholarships

Bl. Basil Moreau Award

Basil Moreau, a priest and professor of Philosophy and Theology in post-revolutionary France, founded the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1837.  At the direction of Father Moreau, Father Edward Sorin and six Holy Cross Brothers traveled from France to northern Indiana to found the University of Notre Dame in 1842.

Today, the Congregation of Holy Cross oversees several colleges across the United States, including Holy Cross College. True to Moreau’s vision, Holy Cross schools around the world adopt a model of Christian education that is holistic, educating the heart and mind. Basil Moreau was beatified by Pope Benedict in 2007 in Le Mans, France.

To honor Bl. Basil Moreau, this award recognizes students whose academic achievements and zeal for seeking the truth will strengthen the classroom experience for all Holy Cross College students.


St. André Bessette Award

As a Holy Cross Brother, André Bessette lived an exemplary life of faith, hope, and charity. Because of his great love for Christ and St. Joseph, he oversaw the construction of the Oratory of St. Joseph, which continues to be a place for prayer, healing, and conversion of heart, not just for the people of Montreal, but also for pilgrims who visit it from all over the world.

St. André Bessette, a humble servant of the Church, became the Congregation of Holy Cross’s first saint when he was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

In the spirit of St. André, this award recognizes students whose dedication to faith and service will uniquely strengthen the identity of Holy Cross College as a Catholic institution. St. André Scholars are expected to be active members of the campus community, serving as models of faith and charity, while they themselves are formed as Christians called to holiness.


The Anchor Award for Athletics

Basil Moreau and André Bessette inspire us all to live of character and mission. At Holy Cross, the Saints of our athletic teams live this out both in the classroom and on the courts, fields, and courses on which they play. For this reason, each of our varsity athletic teams selects one nominee for the Anchor Award for Athletics.

The Anchor is part of the symbol of the Congregation of Holy Cross and thus has deep roots in our history and mission. It reminds us to be strong in our faith, to act with courage even in the midst of challenge, and to be unwavering in our sacrifice for our common mission. These are the values that the best athletes exhibit on behalf of their team.

The Anchor Award recipient will be a steady, consistent, and reliable source of leadership in helping the team—and indeed all their fellow Holy Cross Saints—to see what heroic virtue looks like.

Portions of biographies taken from holycrosscongregation.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Signature Scholarship?
A: Signature Scholarships are Holy Cross College’s way of recognizing students who have special gifts to share with our campus community. These students embody talents, passions, and characteristics that will advance the mission of Holy Cross in faith, service, academics, and athletic excellence. Signature Scholarships are different from the Dean’s, President’s, and Trustee Scholarships, which are our standard merit awards. Recipients of a Signature Scholarship will not receive a standard merit award.

Q: How does the nomination process work?
A: All new First Year applicants are automatically considered for nomination as part of the application review process by the Committee on Admissions. Those applicants selected as nominees will be notified of their status in the admissions packet. The nomination process is highly selective.

Q: How many Signature Scholarships will be awarded?
A: The number of scholarships awarded will vary according to the number of nominations and quality of interviews.

Q: How much is a Signature Scholarship worth?
A: This will vary based on a student’s application for admission and interview, but scholarships typically range from $14,000-$20,000 per year, renewable for up to four years of full-time enrollment. Some students receive additional need-based aid based on the results of the FAFSA.

Q: Am I more likely to receive a Signature Scholarship if I participate in an Interview Day?
A: While we prefer all scholarship nominees to visit campus for an in-person interview, but we also understand that it may be best to conduct interviews by phone or virtual meeting. Therefore, all nominees who participate in an interview, whether in-person or remotely, will be similarly considered for a scholarship.

Q: Do I attend Interview Day alone or can I bring guests?
A: Parents and other guests are invited to join you for Interview Day. There will be a special session offered for parents and guests while you are participating in interviews. If you attend Interview Day alone, that’s fine, too.

Q: How do I prepare for the interview?
A: Campus interviewers will have reviewed your application for admission, which includes your essays, activities, and leadership history. Be prepared to answer questions about your participation in school, community, and church extracurricular activities as well as the reasons why you think you would be a good fit for Holy Cross College. Interviews will vary in time, but will likely not exceed 30 minutes. On-campus interviews can be individual and/or with small groups of other scholarship nominees.

Q: With whom will I interview?
A: Faculty members, staff, and college leadership will serve as campus interviewers. You will be notified of your interviewer/s on Interview Day.

Q: What do I wear for the interview?
A: Remember that you are trying to impress the campus interviewers before, during, and after your interview. This includes how you dress while visiting campus or connecting virtually. Business casual and business professional attire are acceptable.

Q: How are final Signature Scholarship decisions made?
A: A committee made of campus interviewers, admissions counselors, and financial aid staff will determine scholarship award amounts.

Q: Is there a GPA requirement to maintain the scholarship while I am enrolled at Holy Cross College?
A: Yes. Anchor Award winners are expected to maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, André Award winners are expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, and Moreau Award winners are expected to maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA. If your GPA drops below the minimum, your award is subject to being reduced or removed until your GPA meets minimum requirements once more.

Q: For what other reasons could my scholarship award be adjusted?
A: The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to adjust any Holy Cross College scholarship according to its policies. For example, the award could be adjusted if information is received (new outside scholarships, updated FAFSA, etc.) that requires an updated financial aid award letter.