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Stephanie Nunez

Stephanie, a South Bend native, has spent her collegiate years at Holy Cross College pursuing her passion for art while also delving into the field of education as a Visual Arts Major with a Minor in Elementary Education.

Why Holy Cross

Despite having other options, Stephanie was drawn to Holy Cross for its unique sense of community, which she had experienced during the Saints & Scholars program.

“Right away I began forming a relationship with my admissions counselor who demonstrated that she genuinely cared for me and my success in college.”

Community involvement

Throughout her time at Holy Cross, Stephanie has been actively involved in various organizations, including serving as a member of the First-Generation Organization, where she found a supportive community of peers who shared similar experiences. Additionally, Stephanie has taken on leadership roles as Treasurer of the Visual Arts Club and as a member of the Right to Life Club, where she advocates for the dignity of all human life.

Future goals

Stephanie plans to continue her journey in the arts, collaborating with community organizations and pursuing opportunities in art residencies. With aspirations of obtaining an MFA and teaching at the collegiate level, Stephanie’s commitment to lifelong learning and service reflects the values instilled in her by her parents and her faith.