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Visual Arts

You've been given a powerful gift

In an increasingly cluttered communication landscape, the ability to create compelling visual art is a valuable skill that can be applied across a wide range of disciplines and professions.

The visual arts programs at Holy Cross College provides you with a strong foundation in technical, conceptual, and professional skills. Whether you focus in studio art or graphic design, you’ll:

  • Learn to function as a competent and practiced artist or designer
  • Develop deep reasoning, imagination, dexterity, and intuition to solve complex design problems
  • Benefit from small classes and close relationships with your professors (our average class size is 12)
  • Gain practical experience (100 percent of Holy Cross students participate in at least one internship)
  • Showcase your artistic growth in an art exhibition in the St. Joseph Gallery in Driscoll Lounge during your last semester

Every industry needs visual storytellers

Our graduates are prepared to continue their studies at the graduate level or pursue a career in the arts. Because of the wide range of career possibilities available to visual arts majors, you might work as:

  • An art director, graphic designer, or web designer
  • An animator, illustrator, or comic book artist
  • A book, set, or product designer
  • A photographer, multimedia specialist
  • An art educator, design teacher, or museum curator

Holy Cross College offers Visual Arts majors a graphic design, studio arts, and Catholic media track. Students can also get a Visual Arts minor with a graphic design track and a Visual Arts minor with a studio arts track. A curricular track is a set of courses that indicates a professional direction or academic focus to a course of studies. A track differs from an academic minor in being more flexible in its number of credits and in suggesting more of a sense of professional direction than in indicating a topical interest. A track is distinct from a concentration at larger colleges or universities that have expansive course offerings within particular academic majors.

Major Requirements

Minor Requirements

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