The business sector is one of the major operating sectors of society and can have significant effect on world economies and markets. It can involve the obvious functions such as management and marketing, but there’s an increasing need for business majors to apply their skills in government, international commerce, health care, arts, and nonprofit organizations. Business principles can serve as the backbone for economic, political and social systems at all levels.

At Holy Cross, you will grow in confidence as you learn to successfully navigate the commercial and financial sectors of society. The philosophy of the business program is based on a practical application of the liberal arts. You will learn important skills and knowledge about the business world, while growing in your appreciation of how truth, goodness and integrity are directly relevant to local, national and global commercial activities.

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business.driscollStudying business at Holy Cross College is a great choice for careers in business, law, management, sales, marketing, and any entrepreneurial pursuit. Students pursuing a business major here will learn the fundamentals of business, as well as receive the tools they need to learn for a lifetime.

As future leaders, Holy Cross business majors will learn how to adapt to change, how to ask the big questions, and how to pursue wisdom. Because it is integrated with our liberal arts core curriculum and the other required experiences, students completing the business major will have both practical skills and knowledge of business principles and practices that are learned within the context of Catholic social teaching.

Through Holy Cross’s unique commitment to its educational mission, students completing a business major are expected to have developed a well-formed conscience as well as business acumen. The program is intended to produce professionals who possess a sense of business as a vocation–a calling from God–not merely as a source of income. Business majors at Holy Cross will understand that their work must contribute both to their own good and also the good of others.

Isaac H. Desta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Over my career, I have worked to find ways for students with a thirst for knowledge but limited financial ability to attend college and succeed in their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.

In classes at Holy Cross, I encourage my students to be interactive and participative, because business and economics require critical thinking and adaptability.

Linda Thorpe Gordon

Timothy Wright, J.D.
Assistant Professor

My educational background is in both law and business. During my time as an attorney, I argued and won an important labor management rights case before the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals, and worked as General Counsel for a NYSE-listed company. I have also worked with law enforcement, national health insurance and manufacturing sectors.

Since I’ve been at Holy Cross, I have integrated business and law courses to give students an introduction to the way these two fields interconnect. Each year, I look forward to interacting with students who want to learn how the legal system functions within the context of business decisions

Michael Hartmann

Training in the use of the Lexis/Nexis electronic research tool and researching United States case law.
Isaac H. Desta, Ph.D.