Meo Labossiere Studying abroad is an opportunity to experience a new worldview. Holy Cross College was home away from home for Meo Labossiere this spring semester.


“I chose to study at Holy Cross College because of the family atmosphere and community atmosphere that Holy Cross exemplifies. Faith and community are crucial for me. And this is what I have seen and lived here,” noted Labossiere about what brought him to the College.


Originally from the small town of Saint-Léon, in Manitoba, Canada, he spent the last year in Montreal, Québec, with the Congregation of Holy Cross.


“Now I’m here at Moreau Seminary to continue my discernment with Holy Cross as a postulant. I was currently studying at Laval University in Québec, and I’m doing one semester abroad in a sense,” said Labossiere about his time at Holy Cross College. “I will be graduating with a Baccalaureate in Theology as I’m discerning the priesthood.”


The journey ahead

“While discerning my call, the call to the priesthood is where I am directed. I would love to continue my call at the Oratory of Saint Joseph in Montreal as a Holy Cross priest. Doing ministry there would be a dream come true since the first day I stepped foot there in 2010 for Saint Brother Andres canonization. I have always wanted to work and do ministry there,” said Labossiere.


Memorable moment 

“An event that has had a significant impact on my life and has made me who I am today is our parish Fall Supper. The parishes at home have a tradition where the parish community gets together to cook an enormous meal every year. It’s like a Thanksgiving supper, and we sell plates to everyone that wants to come. We serve around 850 suppers in our small parish hall throughout the evening. These are a fundraiser for our parishes. This tradition has been going on for the last 75 years in my little parish. What has always amazed me is how we come together as a community, putting our differences aside, and we work for the common good of the parish. This has been the image of the community that I have grown up with. A tight community where we are there for each other. Community is significant for me,” noted Labossiere.


Plans for the future 

“My plans for the next year are I’m going to the novitiate to continue my formation in the religious life with Holy Cross. Then I will be going back to Canada to continue my studies at Laval University towards the priesthood,” said Labossiere.