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Computer Science

Connect your passion for programming with the needs of the world

More so than ever before, analysts and artificial intelligence practitioners have the opportunity to influence every aspect of modern life: from business to healthcare to the ways we access and utilize information. At Holy Cross, you will learn how to use these skills in service of the greater good.

In courses ranging from engineering programming to machine learning for computer vision and quantum computing, Holy Cross computer science majors and minors hone their computer science skills and learn to apply the latest technology to real-world problems.

For example, during the 18 to 20 credit hours required to earn a computer science minor you might:

  • Become adept at logically applying programming languages including Python, Matlab, and C++.
  • Benefit from personalized attention in small classes (our average class size is 14)
  • Widen your knowledge base by participating in workshops on cloud systems, data analytics, logic, Linux and of course programming, as well as Hackathons to solve local and global problems and prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Programmers are, by nature, doers.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to put what you learn in the classroom into practice:

  • Intern with a local tech startup in South Bend
    • 100 percent of Holy Cross students intern before they graduate
  • Gain hands-on experience with Holy Cross’ computer labs and cloud technology partnerships with Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, AWS, Intel, and IBM.
  • Conduct research alongside Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s College students

When you graduate with a major or minor in computer science from Holy Cross, you will be prepared to work in a range of industries, including education, government, and corporations.  When you combine a CS BS degree with the other minors at Holy Cross, you can easily enter the fields of banking, biotechnology, engineering, and legal with academic the partners listed above and more locally with Trek10 and SalesForce.

Holy Cross College offers computer science majors tracks in artificial intelligence, cloud technology, cybersecurity, and web development. A curricular track is a set of courses that indicates a professional direction or academic focus to a course of studies. A track differs from an academic minor in being more flexible in its number of credits and in suggesting more of a sense of professional direction than in indicating a topical interest. A track is distinct from a concentration at larger colleges or universities that have expansive course offerings within particular academic majors.

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