Living in a college dorm is a valuable learning experience. The journey to independence is filled with increased responsibilities, new friends, a taste of newfound cuisine, and inspiration to the next chapter in life. For alumna Katie Luczak, dorm life was her inspiration for future studies and a career path.

“After graduating from Holy Cross College in 2019, I began working at the University of Evansville (in Evansville, Indiana) as the Assistant Director of Student Engagement / Residential Coordinator. While working at the University of Evansville, I also went back to school for my Master of Science in Leadership. I graduated in May 2021, and have since moved back to Indianapolis, Indiana, where I am a Program Support Specialist with Safe Sitter, Inc.,” said Luczak.

Her undergraduate experiences inspired her to seek opportunities that offered support and guidance to young people.

“I really give so much credit to Holy Cross College for leading me to want to work with Residence Life after graduating because during my undergraduate experience being a Resident Assistant and building relationships with the young women on my floor were my favorite parts of my time at Holy Cross College. I loved getting to work with college students as a Residential Coordinator and build a strong community within a residence hall,” noted Luczak.

Recently, she found an opportunity to use her undergraduate and graduate degrees to secure a position that teaches young people life and safety skills when home alone or babysitting.

“I then decided to join Safe Sitter, Inc. because I wanted to work to still serve a community, but also use my degree from Holy Cross College in elementary education in partnership with my MSL degree. I have loved working with children, but learned I enjoy working with them from a ‘step away.’ My role with Safe Sitter allows me to help provide safe babysitting classes in communities throughout the Midwest through different providers such as schools, hospitals, and recreation centers. I even get to teach Safe Sitter classes about once a month to middle school students,” said Luczak.

She appreciates the direction, both professionally and personally, she received on her life journey.

“Holy Cross showed me the importance of strong mentors and a strong community. I learned how to be there for my students at the University of Evansville and now my site coordinators through Safe Sitter, Inc.,” commented Luczak. “Holy Cross College challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and to be vulnerable through so many different experiences. I am able to take what I have learned at Holy Cross in my personal life as I continue to try to be there for others to build supportive communities. I learned that even though someone is no longer your supervisor or your boss, you can still have them as a mentor and a friend. I have that through my former hall director, and I want to be that for the students I worked with.”

Being a Saint offered many unique experiences and memories.

“A memorable moment in my journey at Holy Cross College isn’t a specific time, but an all-encompassing feeling. I truly believe that at Holy Cross College, you are seen as an individual, and there are people there who want to see you be successful, support you, and become a part of your college family. For me, this was through the residence life team. The Director of Residence Life and the Women’s Hall Director became my support systems, my mentors, and people I call friends. I think this made a difference for me because my academic journey wasn’t a typical journey, but having the support of these two people who I admired and looked up to gave me the strength and encouragement to become something more than I thought I would be,” said Luczak.

The future is bright and filled with endless possibilities.

“My plans for the future are still so up in the air. I joined Safe Sitter in June 2021, so I am continuing to build relationships with all the Safe Sitter teaching sites in the Midwest region (340 as a rough estimate) and learn from the strong women in my office. I am hoping to get involved in the Indianapolis community and be a part of local alumni events and prospective student events too,” noted Luczak.

Pictured are Marie Oliva and Katie Luczak in front of North Hall
Pictured is Katie Luczak at Safe Sitter, Inc.
Pictured is Katie Luczak at the University of Evansville

Photos provided by Katie Luczak.