Dylan MaugelHoly Cross College is proud to announce Dylan Maugel is the 2021 Holy Cross College valedictorian! The Wakarusa, Indiana, native is double majoring in business and theology, and minoring in philosophy.

“I came to Holy Cross College because its small class sizes would allow me to collaborate with professors more frequently. Also, the smaller population of students provided me with a plethora of ways to be involved as a leader in student life and build intentional and faith-filled relationships with other students,” noted Maugel.

His decision on his field of study came from a desire to use his gifts of kindness and generosity, combined with his passion for service, into a ministry-based job in a parish or diocese.

“I also was struck with much awe when studying the mystery of God in catechesis and high school youth group. I chose to also major in business after being an intern at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and School in Greenville, South Carolina, where I saw how beneficial business-minded people are for organizing church ministries and keeping them sustainable,” said Maugel.

During his time at Holy Cross College, he stayed active in various areas of campus life.

“I am a resident assistant for Basil Hall and I always desired to be a RA (resident assistant) due to the opportunity it provides to grow in being a mentor and leader, and the friendships that form within the RA team. I am also the co-chair of the Social Concerns Committee in the Student Government Association. I chose to apply for the Social Concerns co-chair because I always desire to serve the local community and wanted to inspire others to be servant leaders as well,” noted Maugel. “I am also a lector, an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a choir member, and many other small jobs that range from helping run Spes retreats to serving as a mentor for Saints and Scholars. My involvement with campus ministry stems from my desire to be formed in both the heart and the mind and to challenge myself to grow in living out my faith. I am also a part of the University of Notre Dame’s Knights of Columbus Council, their liturgical choir, and their Catechist Academy. My involvement in the tri-campus has helped me create connections with a diverse population of students and find ways in which I can demonstrate my talents of singing and catechizing.”

One of the most memorable college moments that impacted his life, and made him who he is today, was an experience off-campus.

“My internship in Greenville, South Carolina, had been the most joyous eight weeks of my life because I was able to live out the theology I learned in the classroom, form communities with Catholic young adults who pursue the truth through virtue and walk alongside the marginalized as I learned about the power of God’s grace through their life stories,” said Maugel.

In the future, he would like to become either a director of stewardship, a director of new evangelization and discipleship, or a service-learning coordinator/instructor for a diocese, parish, or Catholic school.

“After I graduate, I will be serving as a Totus Tuus member for the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese where I will serve at several parishes by hosting retreats for kids kindergarten through high school students. In August, I will be heading to Denver, Colorado, to study theology at the Augustine Institute for two years to earn a Master of Arts in theology. Then, I plan to work in a diocese or parish in either the stewardship or evangelization sector,” said Maugel.