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Environmental Science

Our planet needs advocates

Global climate change, pollution, and plastic waste continue to wreak havoc on our environment. The planet needs champions who understand the challenges facing the environment, and who are equipped to confront those challenges head-on.

Through a combination of courses in biology, chemistry, and ecology, environmental science minors at Holy Cross gain a deep understanding of how humans interact with our natural system and how the natural world affects us.


All environmental science minors benefit from:

  • Small classes (our average class size is 14)
  • Internships that enable you to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to real-world problems (100 percent of Holy Cross students intern before they graduate)
  • The ability to conduct research alongside Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s College students (you’ll have access to all the resources afforded by our tri-campus community)
  • A minimum of 22 to 23 credit hours, featuring courses ranging from Human Ecology to Environmental Sociology

As a result of your coursework, internship experience, and opportunity to conduct meaningful research, you will be prepared to pursue an advanced degree or go to work immediately on behalf of the planet we call home.

Environmental Science Minor Requirements

Program contact

Professors. Mentors. Research partners. The Holy Cross College biology faculty will help you connect your passion for science with the needs of the world.

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Brother Lawrence Unfried, C.S.C.