Ashton Lane '22Being part of a family-owned business is an opportunity to find professional success doing something you love that makes an impact on the family. Barnaby’s, known as a family inn popular for its good food and drink, is not just the place Ashton Lane ’22 worked growing up but is part of his legacy as a member of the Lane family.

“Barnaby’s is a restaurant local to the Mishawaka & South Bend area that was started in 1969. We serve pizza, sandwiches, and drinks. My dad, Mike Lane, started the day they opened at 17 and worked his way up to becoming the general manager. Eventually, with the success at the South Bend location, the owners at the time were able to open up the location in Mishawaka on Grape Road,” notes Lane.

His family owns the Mishawaka location, which is separate from the location located in downtown South Bend.

“Barnaby’s does a lot of charitable work in our community and strives to build more locations to do the same in other communities. In the past year, we’ve chosen to expand and open a location in Granger, and another in Mishawaka coming soon! I got involved with Barnaby’s as a cashier and pizza cook when I was 16 and worked throughout high school and college. In my senior year, I became a minority owner in the business, with hopes of opening many more locations in the future. My education has really allowed me to have confidence in decision-making as I now have responsibility with the expansion of this company,” said Lane.

Holy Cross impact

“My time at Holy Cross College was an experience I’ll never forget. I was able to connect with amazing people and create lifelong friendships. I chose Holy Cross College due to its local presence, and for me, staying local was everything. I worked at Barnaby’s as a cashier and pizza cook throughout college, and always knew I wanted to do even more with Barnaby’s. Therefore, I chose to major in business and minor in marketing. I felt as if it would create a good foundation for me in my future endeavors, and it’s done that and more,” notes Lane.

Memorable academic moment

“In the common good practicum and seminar class at Holy Cross College, we had a choice of what we would do every week. I chose to visit the juvenile justice center and speak to the children that were there. It was an amazing experience to just be able to listen to what these kids had to say in terms of their upbringing and their future plans. It really shed a light on wanting to do good for the community and has allowed me to relate that to Barnaby’s. Working a job and running a company is nice, but being able to do something meaningful for my community is what drives me to keep pushing every day,” said Lane.

Next step

“Barnaby’s plans to finalize the opening of our location in the Twin Branch area in Mishawaka, and once that is sustainable, we will begin working on opening our fourth location,” notes Lane. “We have our eyes on Elkhart as a potential fit, but nothing is finalized yet. Ultimately, spreading positivity and promoting the common good is our main goal, so that is what is to be expected for the future.”