Alumna Amanda Ayala ’12 found her liberal arts studies at Holy Cross College to be the catalyst for her journey after college. During her time on campus, she was inspired and aspired to live a prayerful life. Her strong faith and education from mentors provided a roadmap for a successful life with her family.

“Immediately following graduation, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and served for a year as an AmeriCorps member at Maggie’s Place,” said Ayala, who was drawn to the organization because of the pro-life mission. “Maggie’s Place is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and housing pregnant and parenting women who are experiencing homelessness. After completing the mission year, I joined the organization as a Regional Director. My main responsibility included hiring and training new AmeriCorps members. I married my husband, Ryan (also an HC alumnus) in 2014. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next year. I stayed at Maggie’s Place full-time for 5 years until my first son, Liam (7) was born. Since then, we have had two more children, Zelie (4) and Henry (2). I currently work at Maggie’s Place part-time doing grant work and, most importantly, I am a stay at home and homeschooling mom to our three children.”

Holy Cross impact 

“My involvement in Campus Ministry, my fellow classmates/professors within my area of study (Liberal Arts) and the rich spiritual life of the College were instrumental in helping me to discover my vocation. The encounters I had through these people, studies and ministries were the catalyst for my desire to raise a family, support women and mothers in need, and live an unapologetic life of faith,” notes Ayala.

Impactful moment

“The Socratic style method of teaching that took place in my liberal arts classes taught me how to critically think,” recalls Ayala. “These classes were unique in that they helped me apply logic to come to know and understand the truth. This is now the fundamental approach my husband and I take in teaching and forming our own children.”


“To continue to homeschool, raise our family, and see where God continues to call us,” said Ayala.

Photo provided

Pictured is alumna Amanda Ayala ’12 with her family.