Picture of Timothy Cleaver, hall director.Divine providence is what Timothy Cleaver, hall director at Holy Cross College, attributes to his move to the College this school year.

“I am looking forward to this experience of working with young men and women in their young adulthood to be better wholistic individuals and working to grow in all aspects of their life,” noted Cleaver who received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Evansville and a Master of Arts Degree in Theology from the University of Notre Dame.

Role on campus

As the hall director, he works with the Residence Life Staff, including the Dean of Students and Resident Assistants, in helping to form the students of Holy Cross College into scholars, citizens, leaders, and disciples while living on campus.

“I work with the Resident Assistants to create and implement programs, enforce policies and procedures, and most importantly accompany our students during their time here at the College,” said Cleaver.

Journey to Holy Cross College

“I have been in Catholic parish ministry where I worked with parishioners and how their gifts and talents could be used for the common good of the parish and community. My main responsibilities at my most recent job had been working with volunteers who minister at the hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and those who are homebound,” noted Cleaver about his background.

“Growing up in the Michiana area and having some connection to the tri-campus community all my life, Holy Cross College was a great fit and there was already a sense of familiarity. Not only was the geographical familiarity there, but the culture and spirituality of the College were familiar. I grew up at a parish where Priests of the Congregation of the Holy Cross ministered and was taught in high school by a few Brothers of the Congregation. Their charism and faith were evident in their ministry, and that same charism and faith I see in the Holy Cross College community,” said Cleaver.

Goals in the position

He is excited and energized to work with students during their higher education experience.

“I hope to be an example to them of how faith can play a significant role in someone’s career. I also hope to approach my job holistically, focusing on the aspects of one’s human, intellectual, spiritual, and professional formation,” said Cleaver. “I want to work with our students and help them discover their God-given talents and how those talents can be used for the betterment of the world as a whole.”