Alumnus DiJavante Albert ’12 always knew he wanted to help people be the best version of themselves. After earning a business degree at Holy Cross College, he acquired an internship with the University of Notre Dame that impacted the rest of his professional career path.

“I ended up pursuing a career within Human Resources. This sort of happened by chance initially, as I landed an internship at Notre Dame within the benefits and comp team right after graduating from Holy Cross,” said Albert. “From there, I stayed in the benefits space for about 6-7 years at Facebook and Tesla, and in the last few years moved into Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) work. I currently am in an HRBP position at Netflix, where I have been for a year now after moving from a similar role from Tesla.”

The rationale for moving into an HRBP role is to have a larger impact within an organization. “I like the idea that this role can help influence organizational decisions and coach leaders on how to manage their teams, design their organizations, and build a culture that retains top talent.”

Holy Cross College impact

“After some ups and downs in my collegiate experience, Holy Cross definitely was there to help me finish my business degree and then land that initial internship that sprung my career. Holy Cross did a lot to make it feel like they were truly invested in our success,” said Albert.

Impactful moment

“The capstone and the trip to Ghana were the most impactful to me. The capstone really pushed me to think about how I present myself and opened me up to how I speak in front of people. This was the largest project I had done to that point, and I feel like the use of milestones, etc. in how it was project managed set me up for a lot of the work I’ve done in my career,” recalls Albert. “The trip to Ghana was my first experience outside of the United States and really helped give that lens on the world that I just did not have prior.”


“I plan to continue on the HRBP path, moving up the chain and likely into managing HRBPs. I plan to stay at Netflix for as long as I can in order to gain more experience on strategic HR initiatives,” said Albert.

Alumnus DiJavante Albert ’12.

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Alumnus DiJavante Albert ’12.