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Kyah Walker

Kyah Walker, a South Bend native, is a Senior studying Business at Holy Cross College.

Why Holy Cross College

Walker’s motivation to attend Holy Cross College came from the opportunity to continue her basketball career. She also appreciates being close to home!

Campus involvement

Walker is highly dedicated to the Holy Cross Women’s Basketball program, where she played for one year and has managed the team for the last three years. She is also involved in the Holy Cross Black Student Association, serving as the event coordinator. BSA’s goal is to provide a home away from home atmosphere for students, to help the African American community at Holy Cross develop academically, and to work towards the advancement of the Black and multicultural students at Holy Cross College.

Impactful moment

“An impactful moment that stands out to me the most is the life event that ultimately brought me to Holy Cross. At the beginning of my senior year of high school, my coach cut me from the basketball team. Wanting to continue my basketball career, I transferred to another school which led me to being recruited to Holy Cross College. This luckily allowed me to achieve my dream of playing basketball at the collegiate level,” shares Walker.

Future goals

After graduating, Walker will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance at the University of Notre Dame next door. She shares her excitement to continue learning and growing within the tri-campus community. Walker eventually plans to move to a bigger city and seek a career in consulting. Kyah’s goal is to own and operate her own business in the future. “The Business track at Holy Cross was the ideal major for me to learn the skills and resources required to launch and grow a successful firm,” says Walker.