By Dillon Begley ’21

September 15 – October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. Throughout this month, we as a nation celebrate the great influence and contributions Hispanic Americans have made throughout the history and culture of America. Thus, it seems like a great time to highlight and share to the Holy Cross College community one of the most active clubs on campus Latinos Unidos.

The basic foundation for and principles of this club come straight from the preamble in its club constitution. It states, “Latinos Unidos wishes to formulate and identify as a united Latino community within the Holy Cross College family. With hopes of giving students a family feel away from home and aspire to be good mentors for one another as we seek to give service to those in the South Bend community.” The club has striven for this united community effort through many events and activities. Such events include Las Posadas in December and a celebration of the famous “Day of the Dead” holiday through a Dia de los Muertos ofrenda where deceased loved ones are honored. Other activities have included, but have not been limited to an annual volleyball tournament, hot Cheetos sale, and pie day.

Aside from all the extra benefits and fun that can come from the activities and events, this club is certainly a worthwhile one to join for those who are interested for the simple reasons of unity with one another and for greater education. If anyone is interested in this club or feels drawn to it, then they should consider joining and give it a chance. From the club constitution, the objective of the club is “to unite all members with the community through increasing knowledge of the Hispanic culture, giving back to the community, and maintaining awareness as well as respect for all other cultures.” It has often been said that this is in fact “the most active club on campus.”

To become a member of Latinos Unidos, one must be either a Holy Cross College student or graduate, have maintained a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average, and dedicate eight hours per month to the Latinos Unidos group. Meetings for the club take place at either three locations of the Starbucks/Max area, the dining hall, or off campus. Anyone that wishes to learn more about Latinos Unidos or to become engaged in the Latino culture on campus can contact Florecita Avalos at [email protected].


Latinos Unidos group meeting for prayer

At Dia de los Muertos ofrenda deceased loved ones are honored.

Latinos Unidos group meet for group presentation.

Latinos Unidos members brought a speaker to campus to share with the community.