The post-high school dream for graduate Yama Kader ’13 was to get his degree in English and be a high school teacher and basketball coach. Like many students, the journey during postsecondary education can help individuals discover new interests and experiences that can change a trajectory.

“After working for a company that provided software to YouTubers and bloggers, I started to see the possibilities of how I could make my own business within this market. My previous position had led me to meet several influencers and bloggers, and after leaving my job, I began consulting for some of them,” notes Kader, who got a bachelor’s in English at Holy Cross and is currently the founder and CEO of his own influencer talent management agency called Ad Society.

His time at Holy Cross College played a pivotal part in his professional journey.

“Holy Cross played a huge role in my life and success. I not only gained a wealth of knowledge from my classes and professors but also met my wife there. Honestly, she has been the biggest reason for my success,” said Kader.

During his time on campus, he experienced many memorable and impactful moments.

“The best part of my time at Holy Cross was the opportunity to meet with professors during their office hours. It was so refreshing to have such easy access to them, and it definitely made a big difference for me. I came from a California Junior College where the classes were huge, and the professors probably wouldn’t even recognize me if we crossed paths outside of class,” recalls Kader. “Holy Cross was the complete opposite, and the fact that I could sit down with professors and have a chat is what really sticks out to me as the most memorable aspect of my experience there.”

His future plans include increased growth in his business.

“My current plans are to continue growing my agency and really focus on signing new talent to represent specifically on YouTube. Outside of my agency, I am always focusing on real estate, which will most likely be my next venture if I decide to exit my current company at some point,” said Kader.

Photo provided by Yama Kader

Pictured from left to right is Shelbi (Yama’s wife) holding Aubrey (2) and Yama Kader holding Kendall (4).