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Mataya Watson

Mataya Watson ’27 from Tipton, IN, is aiming for a history degree here at Holy Cross College.

Why Holy Cross College

Proximity to home is what drew Watson to Holy Cross campus.

“I have a little brother who is currently a year and half; he was born right before I started my senior year. It’s funny how big of an impact someone so small can have on you! I’ve loved watching him develop through his first year, and I knew I could never be too far from his side.”

Campus involvement

Here on campus, Mataya is an officer for Saints for Life and the Vice President of the Outdoors Club. At Notre Dame, she participates in the Swing Dance Club and Children of Mary. Outside of the Tri-Campus, she is a content creator for ProLifeIndy, an activist in Abortion Free Indianapolis, and an active member of Students for Life.

“I believe everyone deserves a birthday and human life has intrinsic value. I love swing dancing, so joining the Swing Dance Club was a no brainer, and the Children of Mary group was a fun place to meet fellow traditional Catholics on the tri-campus.”

Picking A Path

A big inspiration for Mataya studying History is due to her grandfather.

“Before he passed away, my grandfather always said, ‘Know your history.’ Fighting in the Vietnam War and living through some of the most notable movements in our modern world, he always had a story to share. He wrote poems about his life during the Civil Rights Movement and was a huge fan of Motown. As I’ve gotten older, I have taken those words to heart. I adore history, memorizing the neat events and learning how to improve from the negative ones.”

Next Steps

Watson shares that after finishing her undergraduate studies at Holy Cross, she’d like to pursue museum studies.

“I used to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art a lot with my dad, and it’s still tricky to spend less than three hours in any natural history museum.”

Even further ahead?

“Honestly, I hope to either be in a convent or at home with lots of littles. We will see what God calls me to, but I have always been passionate about children in foster care and would love to adopt. If He calls me to serve Him in a different way, that works too. Devotion to our Lord through religious life is a beautiful vocation and something that’s been in the back of my mind for a few years now.”

“Holy Cross gave me that perfect distance from home, just far enough to feel independent, but close enough that I can be home for any birthday or milestone."