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Mastery of mathematics has never been so important

From the algorithms that drive our interactions online to the critical thinking that shapes many of our everyday decisions, mathematics is embedded in virtually everything we do. As a result, a mathematical mind is increasingly valuable in our global economy, regardless of which career path you choose.

At Holy Cross, you will find an educational environment that nurtures your understanding of mathematical principles and concepts, all while ensuring that you use the power of your knowledge in ways that further the common good.

All mathematics minors benefit from:

  • Small classes (our average class size is 14)
  • Internships that enable you to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to real-world problems (100 percent of Holy Cross students intern before they graduate)
  • Access to the Mathematics Center—where you can either receive help in your courses or earn money as a peer tutor helping your fellow Saints
  • A minimum of 19 to 20 credit hours, featuring courses ranging from Calculus to Differential Equations to Cryptography

Holy Cross College math students have gone on to pursue advanced degrees and thrive professionally in fields ranging from engineering and computer programming to mathematics and the health sciences.

Minor Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements

Program contact

Professors. Mentors. Partners in discovery. The Holy Cross College mathematics faculty will help you connect your passion for math with the needs of the world.

Deborah Arangno, Ph.D.