Black Student Association logoThe Holy Cross College community will have an opportunity to discuss topics related to race and other areas of social injustice with the creation of the Black Student Association. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend meetings and events throughout the year.

“The idea of the Black Student Association came from myself and co-founder (and recent grad) I.C Young ’20 wanting the black community at Holy Cross College to have a safe space to talk about things that we as black Americans face on a day-to-day basis and share some similar and different experiences. We wanted to create a voice for our black students and help us feel connected as a community,” said co-founder and current president Beyoncé Shaw ’21.

The goal is to provide a home away from home atmosphere for students, to help the African American community at Holy Cross develop academically, and work towards the advancement of the black and multicultural students at Holy Cross College.

“I, along with my vice president Caleb Pack ’21 and treasurer Larenzo Moore ’21, hope that the Holy Cross College community can get a glimpse and a better understanding of black culture and history while seeing things through our lens or point of view. We hope that Black Student Association can be a learning tool for everyone at Holy Cross College of the black experience, not only in school but in our everyday aspects of life,” notes Shaw.

Everyone from all walks of life is invited to the events and join the organization.

Black Student Association information poster