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“The philosophy program provides the rational and intellectual skills that can be translated into any of Holy Cross College’s programs of study. Grounding itself in the rich Catholic Intellectual Tradition, finding truth in existence by studying and researching philosophy throughout the ages has given me an experiential depth to my courses of study at Holy Cross that I hold dear to my academic and personal life.”


Calling all seekers of truth and lovers of wisdom

Studying philosophy is an exercise in grappling with the most important questions of our lives: Who are we? Does objective truth exist? Is there a best way to live a human life?

In the process of attempting to answer these questions, you will read widely, think critically, and write extensively, uncovering insights that you can apply to any other academic discipline, from business to theology.

Best of all, you can tailor your 18-hour minor to fit your personal and professional goals, or challenge yourself by obtaining a newly created major in philosophy. Choose the most relevant courses—from Logic to Business Ethics to Philosophy of Religion. No matter which six courses you select, you’ll emerge with a better understanding of how to think about life’s most important questions.

Philosophy Major Requirements

Philosophy Minor Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements

Program contact

David Lutz, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy