The field of data science always interested business major and philosophy minor ZaNiya Sconiers ’22. After a brief conversation in an intro to computer applications class her freshman year, she took her interest to the next level with a recent acceptance into the 4+1 Master in Science in Data Science Program through Saint Mary’s College. She is the first Holy Cross College student to be accepted into this prestigious program.

“It allows me to gain a master’s degree within a year of obtaining my bachelor’s degree from Holy Cross College. It may sound easy, but it is a lot of work, self-determination, and time management. Along with my business major requirements and my philosophy minor requirements, I have applied myself to taking the prerequisites for Saint Mary’s College’s 4+1 Data Science Program. The prerequisites for the program during undergraduate years are statistics, computer programming (using Python) at Saint Mary’s College via the NICE Consortium, elements of calculus I and II, and linear algebra at Saint Mary’s College via the NICE Consortium. Taking these courses gives you an idea of the rigor you will acquire in the program,” she said about the program.


Journey ahead

Her transition into the 4+1 program begins the fall of her senior year with her first graduate course followed by a second graduate course in the spring of her senior year.

“The great thing about this is that since I have completed the prerequisites for the program during my undergrad, the costs of the two graduate courses will be of no cost to me due to the NICE Consortium,” she noted. “Data Science is a field that is very good to be in right now and in the future. It is challenging, and that is what motivates me,” she said.


Academic advantages

Holy Cross College prepared her for the next academic stage with resources through the tri-campus relationship.

“Since Holy Cross College is small, having that interpersonal relationship with a professor who listens to you, knows what you want to do, and keeps you on the right path is how the college prepared me for this next stage in my academic progress. Holy Cross College helped prepare me by having professors like Mary Merrill guide me along the way,” she said.


Bright future

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for computer and information research scientists will increase 15 percent in the next ten years.

“I hope to work for IBM as a data scientist at the end of the program,” she notes. “I cannot wait to call Saint Mary’s College my college and home, but I will not forget where my path began at Holy Cross College.”

ZaNiya Sconiers ’22

ZaNiya Sconiers ’22