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Learning Spanish improves your ability to connect with 450 million more people

Spanish is the second most-spoken language on our planet. When you become culturally and confidently literate in Spanish, you:

  • Improve your ability to connect with millions more co-workers and friends;
  • Increase your professional value in the marketplace;
  • Enlarge your range of learning to new nations and cultures;
  • Become a more reflective, compassionate, and collaborative citizen.

The Minor in Spanish at Holy Cross College requires the following courses:

  • SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I and SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 220 Spanish Grammar & Composition
  • SPAN 225 Conversational Spanish
  • SPAN 235 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures

The Minor also requires one three-hour course as an elective, such as SPAN 234 Introduction to Hispanic Cultures or HIST 358 Latin America.

Prerequisites for the Minor include Spanish 102 or placement by the Spanish Language Placement Exam. Some requirements may be waived for advanced Spanish-speaking students after taking a placement test at the beginning of the academic year.

Spanish Minor Requirements