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Searching for God in the midst of our lives—what could be more important

Whether you’re interested in ministry at the school or parish level, or simply want to bring faith to your career in health, business, or communications, you’ve come to the right place.

You can prepare for a rewarding career serving others and sharing the word of God through three distinct tracks: media, ministry, and teaching. Regardless of which track you choose, you will:

  • Participate in an experiential component and be able to do real work in media, parishes, or Catholic schools (100 percent of our students complete an internship)
  • Serve where you’re needed most (100 percent of Holy Cross College students participate in service learning before they graduate)
  • Enjoy meaningful discussions in small classes averaging 14 students
  • Have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of “saints” through the Saints and Scholars Institute, a one-week program for high school students coordinated by Holy Cross theology faculty and run with the help of our students

When in Rome ...

Each year Father Sullivan leads a group of students to Rome and the Vatican to experience the birthplace of Western Culture and the center of the Catholic Church. Trip highlights include:

  • On-site visits to some of the most important and interesting historical, artistic, and religious monuments in the world
  • A day trip to the Medieval town of Assisi, home of St. Francis
  • A visit to St. Peter’s square for prayer with Pope Francis and papal blessing

Holy Cross College offers theology majors a track in Catholic media. A curricular track is a set of courses that indicates a professional direction or academic focus to a course of studies. A track differs from an academic minor in being more flexible in its number of credits and in suggesting more of a sense of professional direction than in indicating a topical interest. A track is distinct from a concentration at larger colleges or universities that have expansive course offerings within particular academic majors.

Theology Major Requirements

Theology Minor Requirements

For more information on course offerings or to find out more about the tracks, see Dr. Albarran or Dr. Barlas.

Faculty major academic advisor

Professors. Mentors. Partners in spiritual exploration. The Holy Cross College theology faculty will help you connect your love for God with the needs of the world.


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