Theo. Logos. Searching for God in the midst of our lives. What could be more important? Whether you are interested in ministry at the school or parish level, or simply want to bring a faith dimension to your career in health, business or communications, we have a program for you!

At Holy Cross College, our hope is that all of our theology students learn to embody Holy Cross charisms: by cultivating a spirit of hospitality guided by God’s reconciling call to communion and solidarity, and by demonstrating a passion for justice and commitment to service in the classroom and in the wider community.

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Deptment of THEOLOGY with Bishop RhoadesWith a degree in theology, you will have many career paths to choose from such as teaching, social work, healthcare, working with youth, the poor the elderly and other forms of ministry. Most importantly, theology majors strive to become competent leaders who are ready to live out their Baptismal promises guided by Gospel values.

Theology at Holy Cross provides three distinct tracks for the students to focus on their area of passion: media, ministry and teaching. The core of the program focuses on the classical theological method rooted in scripture, tradition, and church teaching. Each track also has an experiential component, so students will be able to do practical work in media, in parishes or in Catholic schools. The theology courses offered at Holy Cross are arranged according to a format that reflects intellectual development from basics to a more specialized subject matter.

Michael Griffin, Ph.D
Senior Vice President

Louis Albarran, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Theology
Assistant Professor

Dianne Barlas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Miguel Romero, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Andrew Polaniecki
Director, Campus Ministry
Adjunct Professor

Maria Surat
Maria Surat
Service Learning Coordinator

Edward Gareau

Fr. Michael Sullivan

Jonathan Kaltenbach

Robert McFadden

Each year Father Sullivan leads a group of students to Rome and the Vatican to experience the birth place of Western Culture and the center of the Catholic Church. The focus of the excursion to Rome will be on-site visits to some of the most important and interesting historical, artistic and religious monuments of one of Europe’s most important and beautiful cities as well as a day trip to the Medieval town of Assisi where St. Francis was born, lived, died and is buried.


10 Reasons to take Art, History, Theology 250: Rome Through The Ages

  1. Three-credit course offered every spring semester.
  2. Multi-disciplinary: can be taken for credit in Art, History or Theology.
  3. Classroom sessions include 2 pre-trip classes + 1 post trip class.
  4. Main focus = on-site all day experience: Rome and Assisi during Spring break depart Friday (Swiss Air) March 4 and return Saturday March 12.
  5. Hotel accommodations in heart and center of Rome: 10 minutes by foot to St. Peter’s in one direction and to Roman Forum in the other direction.
  6. All day guided excursions to Rome’s most famous, historic and beautiful sites and monuments.
  7. Includes visit to St. Peter’s square for prayer with Pope Francis and papal blessing and day trip by train to Assisi, home of St. Francis.
  8. Course ends with completion of trip at mid-semester.
  9. Unique academic and cultural experience in Europe’s most beautiful and historically important city.
  10. Memories (and pictures) for life!

For more details regarding the class and/or trip, visit Rome Through the Ages.

The Saints & Scholars Summer Theology Institute is an academically intensive and community engaging experience for high school students who are future leaders of our church and world. This one-week program is coordinated and taught by theology professors, and the program is supported by Campus Ministry and many current Holy Cross College students. The goal is to support the spiritual and intellectual growth of the next generation of “Saints” – women and men who have the competence to learn the wisdom of Christian tradition and who have the courage to put that wisdom into action!

Louis Albarran, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Theology