The life of a college student is ever-changing and constantly moving. Between tests, papers, lectures, and projects, little time is left for prayer and quiet reflection. One opportunity for prayer at Holy Cross College is the new tradition of walking to the University of Notre Dame Grotto every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. after adoration in the St. Joseph Chapel.

“The idea to have a weekly Grotto Walk came about because of my belief in the importance of safety and community. Making it a point to visit the Grotto became a weekly ritual to me since attending Holy Cross. It was important for me to go because faith is the most important aspect of my life. With the busyness of school and other activities, it seemed the only time for me to make it to the Grotto throughout the week was at night. Just like me, my friends are also full-time college students with busy schedules and it was rare for our schedules to line up. With my friends not having time to walk with me to the Grotto, this stopped me from going because I did not want to make the walk by myself due to safety reasons,” said student Emilee Skidgel about where the inspiration for a weekly walk started. “I disliked the fact that I could not attend one of my favorite spots because of the inconvenience and fear of walking alone at night. I wanted to make sure nobody else felt alone and missed out on an opportunity because nobody could join them.”

The goal is to bring safety and a stronger community to Holy Cross College. All students are invited to meet the group in the circle next to the St. Joseph Chapel. She is also welcome to any suggestions or ideas on ways to make the weekly walk different.

“I hope those that participate get a sense of unity and togetherness from their fellow student body,” said Skidgel.