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Charleston, SC folk-rock outfit Uncle Tim’s Bench (UTB) commemorated its first full-band studio release “One Hit Wonder” on December 1 and frontman Tim Falvey (HCC ‘04, ND ‘07) couldn’t be more ecstatic.  “Years of singing and sculpting material culminated with a world class studio release and a concert to celebrate.”  The night underscored the caliber and earnestness of Charleston’s oft-unsung original musicians.

Catchy, tasteful, and clever, “One Hit Wonder” signifies UTB’s foray into folk-rock music.  Downplaying several layers of narrative intricacy, Falvey offers, “this song is simply a story about a gal who never called me back.”  But, in the vein of a marriage between Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind, UTB masterfully braids melodic poetry with palatable and effective instrumentation in the likes of One Hit Wonder.

Although a milestone for UTB, the release and the concert are hardly a finish line.  “Still barely the beginning,” Falvey offers, hinting at potential for more intensive studio work with One Hit Wonder producer Manny Galvez.  “We share the passion, vision, and wherewithal to develop more comprehensive studio productions – and the time may be right for Uncle Tim’s Bench to become a mainstream folk-rock fixture.”

Several of Charleston’s most sincere musicians united to record the single with Galvez.  Accompanying Falvey on lead guitar is the Lowcountry’s most prolific gigging artist, Michael Duff; classically trained composer and singer-songwriter Kevin Cheek embellishes the production with his synthesized flute; trained as a heavy metal percussionist, Lou Gonzalez contributes with his dynamic and digestible drumming; and multi-instrumentalist Grant Wenzel activates the track with his tactful and judicious bassline.  Joining Falvey on stage on December 1 were Wenzel and Gonzalez – a core that has actively deconstructed, reconstructed, and revitalized Falvey’s robust folk music repertoire .

Live now, listeners can stream “One Hit Wonder” from all music platforms (Spotify HERE).

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