Holy Cross College is proud to announce the induction of 10 new members to the Delta Epsilon Sigma (DES) National Scholastic Honor Society. Congratulation to 2021 student inductees Daniela Bautista-Amick, Sean Geiger, Allison Hano, Neema Kwangu, Connery McFadden, Stephen McNulty, Gerardo Negrete-Gonzalez, Elijah Thomas, and Julie Wappel.

DES is an honor society for students, faculty, and alumni of colleges and universities with a Catholic tradition. The organization started at the suggestion of Reverend E. A. Fitzgerald, Dean of Studies at Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, who in October 1938 surveyed Catholic colleges and universities concerning their interest in initiating such a society.

Inductees of Holy Cross College’s Epsilon Delta Chapter are required to have completed at least one-half of the credit requirements for their bachelor’s degree and rank in the top twenty percent of their class in scholarship. Each year a faculty member speaks at the event and is then also inducted into the society. This year, Louis Theodore Albarran, Ph.D., will present “The Spectre and Promise of an Avant-Garde Aesthetic for the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.”

Louis Albarran joined the faculty of Holy Cross College in August 2011. He is the Associate Professor of Theology in the Division of Humanities and is the chair of the Theology program. Specializing in the study of the American Catholic subculture of the middle 20th century and the impact of related enduring practices for the 21st century, he is active in various Theological societies and conferences. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in history at Eastern Illinois University and completed his Master of Arts and doctorate in Theological Studies at the University of Dayton.