College is a time of growth and exploration into the person we want to become. Some students walk into school knowing exactly what they want to do with their life, while others find inspiration from experiences and mentors. Logan Montague ’16 found through an internship in the political arena that marketing was the perfect fit professionally and personally.

“While at Holy Cross, I completed my internship at the South Bend mayor’s office with Mayor Pete at the time. I got to work on a lot of community outreach projects, public relations, and social media. While I knew I did not want to go into the political field, which is what I thought this internship would be more like, the hands-on internship gave me the clarity I needed to know I wanted to go into the marketing field. Once I was working at Dometic Corporation after college, I was able to explore a lot of areas of marketing and learn which areas of marketing I enjoyed most,” notes Montague.

Journey since college

“Since graduating from Holy Cross in 2016, I have spent time developing myself professionally and in my career. I spent a few years working in the marketing department at Dometic Corporation, a global outdoor company,” said Montague. “I then went on to start my own digital marketing company, Socially Logan Marketing, which has been a dream come true. Every day I get to experience something new, work with amazing clients, have a team of people I love working with, and continue to develop my marketing and entrepreneurship skills.”

Holy Cross influence

“Holy Cross played a pivotal part in my life. When graduating high school and attending college, you often don’t know what you actually want to do with your life, I sure didn’t at 18. Holy Cross has a unique way of developing you to discover who you are, where to go next, and what you’re good at. Through the pillars that are required to complete, I was able to get out of my shell and meet new people with different backgrounds. I became much more cultured during my time at Holy Cross. I opened my mind and heart to new possibilities for my future and how I want to live my life. Being from a small Indiana town, I had not experienced much outside of a bubble and Holy Cross became a safe space to explore outside of that bubble, both professionally and personally. I was encouraged to be myself and make connections that I will take with me even after college. Had I not experienced Holy Cross, I do not believe I would be who I am today; an outgoing, dedicated, open-minded, driven female and entrepreneur,” recalls Montague.

Impactful moment

“While at Holy Cross, the Consumer Behavior class I took with Professor Burzycki was when I realized I wanted to go into marketing. Professor Burzycki was my cheerleader in believing I can do whatever I want in life. I came to the conclusion through all of his classes that I wanted to be a CEO one day, I just didn’t know I would be the CEO of my own company. He was my advisor that helped me navigate completing my degree in 3 years before there was an actual 3-year program,” said Montague.

Future plans

“I am currently completing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Indiana University South Bend and will be finishing this fall. I am planning to continue growing my marketing agency using the business skills I am learning in the MBA program. I plan to continue building and developing my team to be leaders as well. I’m planning to release new areas of services, programs, and products to help companies and individuals with their marketing needs. I work with a business coach alongside completing my MBA and am pursuing business coaching myself as well,” notes Montague.

Logan Montague 2016 alumna
Logan Montague 2016 alumna