Grace Luppi headshotAlumna Grace Luppi ’15 has a golden voice that propelled her into the world of communications, using her voice for radio advertisements for the College. This experience resulted in a career in radio and upcoming graduation with a master’s from Northwestern University.

“After I graduated from Holy Cross College, I started working for WSBT Radio as their Promotions Director. I coordinated and planned fun and engaging marketing campaigns for clients while utilizing my own personal voice for radio commercials. Although this role was the perfect fit for me, I moved to Dallas, Texas, to be closer to my family, where I joined the communications team at Baylor Scott & White,” said Luppi. “After two and a half years of employment, I decided to pursue graduate school, and this coming December I will receive my Masters of Science in Communication from Northwestern University.”

“When I was a student at Holy Cross, I was asked by the administration if I would be interested in utilizing my personal voice for radio commercials to help promote the College. I was so honored to be selected to share my Holy Cross story on the radio,” notes Luppi. “Because of this experience, I was able to get to know the radio talent at the station very well, and soon after graduation, I started my career at the station which made me realize my love for communications.”

Holy Cross influence

“What I really loved about Holy Cross was that it was a small, close-knit college that was able to provide me the most amazing experiences that would be very difficult to do in a larger school. I was so fortunate to be able to participate in so many different areas of student life. Besides my involvement in the radio commercials, I was a Resident Assistant, a Senator in the Student Government, and a team leader on Campus Ministry,” said Luppi. “Those experiences, combined with smaller classes, allowed me to interact 1:1 with the professor and other students which provided me a very distinct, yet very fruitful college education.”

Impactful moment

“I moved to South Bend, Indiana, from California for Holy Cross, and since the day I was admitted, the faculty, staff, and students were all so welcoming and kind. Even though I graduated from Holy Cross six years ago, the faculty and staff still reach out, which makes me feel still very welcomed in the Holy Cross family,” recalls Luppi.

The future

“I feel very fortunate to be graduating with my Masters of Communication from Northwestern, and I would love to offer any assistance to the students at Holy Cross when pursuing graduate school,” said Luppi.