A sedentary lifestyle was never in the cards for 2018 alumnus Michael Adamo. The Holy Cross College internship requirement equipped him with an active and experiential learning experience that guided his future trajectory and helped him find the right outlet for his energy, enthusiasm, and desire to help others.

“Through my internship experience as a physical therapy aid, I quickly realized two things: One, I really enjoyed being hands-on with helping patients get back to full recovery after an injury or surgery, and second, I realized that office life was not for me. I couldn’t be in the same place all day,” notes Adamo. “It was after this experience, someone mentioned to me about medical device sales and how your day-to-day is never the same, and how there is always something new brewing in the industry. I would say without my internship experience, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.”

Upon graduation, he secured employment at Extremity Solutions, LLC, a group that represents innovative orthopedic companies and their technology to surgeons in Indiana through knowledgeable and dedicated representatives.

“I have been welcomed into a great group, Extremity Solutions, whose goals and passions align with mine as we strive to be the most knowledgeable and ethical resource for orthopedic surgeons in Indiana. I am currently the territory manager for South Bend, Indiana,” said Adamo.

Journey after college

“Before graduating, like many others, I was trying to figure out what would be a career that’s a good fit for me. I knew I couldn’t be sitting in an office somewhere five days a week doing repetitive work.  I needed to be involved in something that the day-to-day is never the same and provided opportunities to expand my knowledge and personal growth,” recalls Adamo.

“After reaching out and talking to other Holy Cross alumni who were in this field, what really interested me was being able to provide a service to surgeons in the OR (operating room) that would ultimately help the patient.”

He connected with alumnus Drew Moore ’15 who educated him about this industry and how his company Extremity Solutions, LLC provided knowledgeable and ethical services to the orthopedic community.

Holy Cross College’s advantage

“Holy Cross, though a small campus, had a lot to offer. I believe that getting involved at Holy Cross helped me a lot in my professional and personal life,” notes Adamo about his time on campus. His activities included being part of sports teams, a school play, the admissions team, student government, and different class opportunities.

Being involved in both hockey and lacrosse helped him build time management and hardworking ethic skills. His involvement in a school-sponsored production allowed him the chance to perfect his public speaking skills and took him out of his comfort zone and to try new things. While working with the admissions team, he had the chance to be a valuable resource to prospective families and students.

“Student government allowed me to get creative in coming up with ideas and programs that were implemented or put on at Holy Cross. It also taught me leadership skills in being patient, organized, and always keeping an open mind,” said Adamo. “Taking classes such as going with a group to Uganda, Africa, or participating in an entrepreneur program all shaped me to become a better global citizen while building a great network of faculty and residents of South Bend who were all there to help and support me help me get to this point in my life.”

The next chapter

“My wife and I have been living in South Bend since graduating in 2018. We have made new friends in the area and love the neighborhood we live in. I don’t like to look too far in the future, I like to take one year at a time, but hopefully, soon we will start growing our family and lay some more roots down where we now call home,” said Adamo.