Safety and Security

Call Campus Security: 574-239-8312

Holy Cross College Campus Safety and SecurityThe Campus Safety and Security Department at Holy Cross College exists to serve the campus community. Our mission is to support the college’s primary objective of building competent minds and compassionate hearts by helping promote, create, and maintain a safe, secure, and enjoyable campus environment for all members of the college community and its guests. We are dedicated and committed to helping the college create a civil place based on Catholic values and common good.

Campus security is lead by officer Greg Runnels a former US Air Force Security Force E5 and an award winning security service officer.

Report an Incident

The College has a coordinated partnership between the ND Safe Ride program (called SafeBouND) and the Holy Cross Security team to provide Holy Cross students with rides to and from the ND campus.

We call this program the HCC-ND Safe Ride Program.

To obtain a ride on ND campus, call (574) 631-5555, which will put you in contact with SafeBouND (the ND Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) or download the App at (use the “Transit” icon)

  • ND will provide you with a ride to the gazebo on Dorr Road (near the WNDU studio)
  • SafeBouND hours are:
    Sunday – Wednesday: 9:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Golf cart escort
    Thursday – Saturday: 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Walking escort
  • If you need a ride on the ND campus outside the SafeBouND hours, call (574) 631-5555 and NDSP will make arrangements for you.

Immediately after contacting SafeBouND, call (574) 239-8312 (HCC Campus Security) to obtain a ride from the ND transfer point to the HCC campus (Note:  Call immediately after contacting SafeBouND so HCC Campus Security can meet you at the drop-off point)

  • A HCC Security officer will meet you at the transfer point and give you a ride to the HCC campus.
  • Please remain at the transfer point until picked up or let HCC Campus Security know if you leave.
  • You can call HCC Campus Security at (574) 239-8312 for a ride anytime you feel unsafe.

Please make use of these services whenever you are concerned about your safety.

Parking at ND: Students with cars displaying a valid Holy Cross student parking decal are welcome to park in the C Lots as well as the Lake and Dorr Road and D Bulla lots.

Campus Controlled Access Policy

2018-2019 Sexual Offense and Harassment Policy

2018 HCC Annual Security Report (PDF)

2018 Annual Fire Safety Report (PDF)

Fire Plan (PDF, 96KB)

Evacuation Plan (PDF, 15KB)

Limited Mobility Evacuation (PDF, 486KB)

Tornado and other Severe Weather (PDF, 109KB)

Campus Shooter (PDF, 30KB)

Earthquake Safety

To view Holy Cross College Security and Crime Statistics online at the US Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, click here and type in “Holy Cross College,” “Notre Dame” (institution city), and select “Indiana.”