The Tracks

The heart of our Saints & Scholars Institute will be the group experience that comes from being placed in the track that most fits your skills and interests. There are 6 options:

SaintsAndScholars-Track-PublicHealth 2017 logo only The Medicine of Mercy: Theology and Public Health
Evidence suggests that while our nation has great resources in the medical field, we are not very healthy as a society. This crisis requires the development of new leaders and the cultivation of fresh ideas about the meaning of health and the aims of medical science. The Christian tradition, rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus, has resources for this task. This track is for students interested in how theology is relevant for medicine, and those considering careers in the field of health care, medicine, and public health.
SaintsAndScholars-Track-Human Rights logo only God’s People on the Move: Theology and Human Rights
We hear in the news a lot of talk about immigrants and refugees “on the move.” But what does the Catholic tradition say? Our society needs young voices who know how to answer questions about the rights and dignity of those on the margins. This track is for students interested in learning about immigrants and refugees from both a policy and theological perspective, and for those interested in law, politics or social work.
SaintsAndScholars-Track-Media logo only A Voice in the Wilderness: Theology and Media
In a complicated and sometimes shallow media world, we need to raise a voice that cries out in that wilderness. Catholic tradition can help us to engage contemporary media in the construction of deep community connections. We will explore the ways God can work through art, journalism, radio and television. This track is for students who are interested in popular culture, communications, or media.
SaintsAndScholars-Track-science 2017 logo only God, Guts, and Glory: Theology and Sport
Description coming soon.
SaintsAndScholars-Track-Sustainability 2017 logo only Living Laudato Si’: Theology & Ecology
In Laudato Si’, a letter written to every person on the planet, Pope Francis stresses that care for God’s creation is an urgent task today and he offers a vision of “integral ecology” to solve the problems of a “throwaway culture.” Thus this track explores topics of food, farming, co-operative economics, and community gardening. This track is for students who are interested in learning about practical ways to address questions of physical and spiritual hunger, the crisis of climate change, justice for the poor, the relationship between work and human dignity, life together and the common good, and care for our common home.
SaintsAndScholars-Track-business 2 logo only Prophets with Profits: Theology and Business
We are used to hearing stories about great Christians working in churches, schools, or hospitals. But what about in business? How can someone enter the world of commerce and do great things that are true to the faith? The answer depends on the businessperson understanding things like the purpose of a company and what the Church teaches about management. This track is for those interested in the profession of business.