Aidan Cavazos ’23

Internship: Amazon Operations Area Manager Intern

2022 Amazon Operations Inclusive Leader

Major/Minor: Business major and sport management minor


Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Aidan Cavazos ’23, had the opportunity to intern at Amazon this summer.

Internship details

“This summer, I have been blessed with an opportunity at Amazon, working as an Operations Manager intern in the Chicagoland area. During my time at Amazon, I was tasked with many projects that are supposed to improve a whole department in an efficient manner. I was in charge of 50-100 associates during a shift using analytical data to make calculated business decisions on the go, backed behind an in-depth analysis of why I made the decisions I made to increase productivity,” notes Cavazos. “This internship is a 10-week experience and has been nothing short of amazing. Getting to know how to operate a major fulfillment center, with my center being one of the biggest in the Midwest region, has truly been a blessing in disguise. Knowing this has given me the confidence to go in with an elaborate plan and achieve it in any situation.”

Memorable moment

“A moment that I would say is most memorable is my day-to-day interaction with each associate. Getting to know them, finding barriers they come across, and learning through their experiences has given me a different perspective on life itself,” recalls Cavazos. “It was truly humbling seeing people from all backgrounds, different parts of the city, some even in other states share their life stories while I was having an effect on these associates’ life sharing my backstory and what I strive to be in the near future,” said Cavazos.

Impact on career goals

“This opportunity has led me to a possible future focus in a particular business industry. With Amazon having a strong presence in supply chain e-commerce, I have grown into liking this industry and exploring the many opportunities from within. I feel as though for right now, Amazon along with the courses taken at Holy Cross has put me on a path and given me the tools for success, which has led me to further explore this line of business. All in all, I would like to give a special thank you to the business department at Holy Cross, they have been a steady force in preparing me for anything during this internship,” notes Cavazos.