Elaine Mokrzan headshotElaine Mokrzan, Ph.D., is joining the Holy Cross College community as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. She will teach biological sciences and human biology for non-majors, and human anatomy, cell biology, and comparative physiology for biology majors.

She has a Ph.D. in pharmacology and a background in medical research.

“Although my Ph.D. is in pharmacology, my fascination with different areas of biology led me to pursue research in several different areas, such as the functions of respiratory cells, mechanisms of methyl mercury poisoning, and new approaches to treating chronic bacterial infections. Along the way, I sought out opportunities to teach biology to college students, in classroom lectures as well as one-on-one mentoring of students in the laboratory,” said Mokrzan.

Career path

“I have always enjoyed teaching and seeing students master new concepts and techniques. I look forward to helping students more fully understand and appreciate the beauty and complexity of living systems,” noted Mokrzan.

Why Holy Cross College

“I was attracted by the Catholic environment and mission of Holy Cross College. I believe that our faith gives us the perspective and the moral framework necessary to understand how to use our knowledge in ways that best serve God and community,” said Mokrzan.

Plans on campus

“I hope to encourage a habit of fact-based scientific thinking that will help students meet challenges of the classroom and everyday life,” commented Mokrzan.