Students gathered at the 2021 HoCro Nation celebration.College marks a journey into higher education filled with rigorous academics, a new environment, unique schedules, and often, anxiety about daily life and the future. Holy Cross College understands the challenges students face and help students find professional and personal success.

“The role of our counseling service is to assist students with the stressors of life,” said Thomas DeHorn, Director of Counseling and Health. We want students to have a safe and confidential place to talk about their concerns, to help them succeed in college.”

Services offered

“We provide short-term counseling services to work on any number of issues from anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, addictions, or general growth,” notes DeHorn.

Signs and symptoms

“There can be a number of warning signs a person might experience, and if so, should seek help. Some examples might include thoughts of harm to self or others, feeling hopeless, tearful more than normal, trouble sleeping, anger, change in moods, increase in substance abuse, etc.,” said DeHorn.

Counseling impact

“Our hope is that students would find solutions to their concerns, and set goals and work towards positive outcomes,” notes DeHorn.

For more information, contact Thomas DeHorn, Director of Counseling and Health, at [email protected]