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Counseling Services

You always have someone to talk to at Holy Cross

Three female students enjoying some winter fun outdoorsCollege life places a number of new demands on students: increased academic pressure, navigating new—and old—relationships, and dealing with homesickness and change. It’s common for college students to experience depression and anxiety as they deal with these changes.

Student counseling and Health Services are here to help.

We employ a licensed mental health counselor, who’s also a licensed clinical addiction counselor, to help you address any challenges in a confidential manner. Our counselor can also aid you in identifying and obtaining academic accommodations.


Free counseling services for students
Students seeking the services of a psychiatrist or psychologist may do so at their own expense. Professional confidentiality will be maintained under the laws of the State of Indiana. Counseling information is considered confidential and will not be shared without the student’s written permission.

Students may seek counseling services on campus by contacting:
Tom DeHorn L.M.H.C., L.C.A.C.; M.A.
Director of Student Counseling and Health Services
Phone: 574-239-8383 | Fax 574-239-8313

You may also send a confidential email to schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected].