Counseling Services

College life puts a number of demands on students that can be/become quite stressful: academic difficulties; relationships; depression; anxiety; substance abuse; and other issues can be/become overwhelming. Student counseling and Health Services has a licensed mental health counselor, who is also a licensed clinical addiction counselor, available to assist students in addressing any problems in a confidential manner. This counselor can also aid students identify and obtain academic accommodations.

Students may seek counseling services on campus by contacting:

Tom DeHorn
Director of Student Counseling and Health Services

You may also send a confidential email to schedule an appointment by emailing Students may receive four to six counseling sessions with a Master’s level therapist free of charge. Students seeking the services of a psychiatrist or psychologist may be done at their own expense. Professional confidentiality will be maintained under the laws of the State of Indiana. Counseling information is considered confidential and will not be shared without the student’s written permission.

Bibliography of Mental Health Resources (coming soon)