Alumnus Rich Meyer obtained a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies at Holy Cross College in 2022 and is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program at the University of Notre Dame as part of our Pathway Program.

According to Meyer, the opportunity of graduating with a master’s in business from Notre Dame and a bachelor’s from Holy Cross in four years was handsome, and the pathway program was very manageable. The MSM program is for students from non-business academic backgrounds, immersing them in the fundamentals of business and providing many professional networking opportunities.

“Holy Cross provided the small, liberal arts education that allowed me to grow in the writing, communication, and analytical skills necessary to be a competent worker in the professional world. Additionally, Holy Cross helped me unify the two aspects of my person, mind, and heart, through the various spiritual, social, academic, and athletic opportunities offered throughout my three years there,” notes Meyer. “These pathways are a cheat code for college. The ability to freely pursue an undergraduate degree in what you are interested in, and then complete a practical, more specialized master’s that will help you segway into the professional world is unique and something you will not be able to find anywhere else.”

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Pictured is 2022 alumnus Rich Meyer playing guitar during an open mic night.

Pictured is alumnus Rich Meyer.