Matthew Greene headshotFormer Holy Cross College Saint Matthew Greene returns to campus in the role of Associate Director of Admissions.

“I will be assisting prospective students through the college admissions process at Holy Cross College. My efforts will include recruiting students to enroll at Holy Cross while connecting with them on all facets of the application including financial aid, scholarships, campus visits, and answering their questions,” said Greene, who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame.

After graduating in 2016, he moved back to his hometown Canton, Michigan, in Metro Detroit to work at his high school alma mater, Detroit Catholic Central High School.

“I was an Associate Director of Admissions and Public Relations there for one year. I helped middle school-aged students understand that our school would be a good fit for their high school with our single-sex, Catholic school education,” noted Greene. “After that, I took on a role as Admissions Counselor at the University of Notre Dame. After two years, I was promoted to Assistant Director, and that work in these past four years has catapulted me into this current position. I traveled in a set territory while also helping students and their families navigate the admissions process at Notre Dame.”

Career path

“I have chosen this career path because I feel that I can connect well with college-aged students and their families. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and helping to guide these students in their educational careers. I have been grateful to continue my career in institutions that value a strong Catholic mission,” said Greene.

Why Holy Cross College

“I was a student at Holy Cross College for one year before transferring to the University of Notre Dame. I worked as a student caller in the admissions office during that one year, and I had a great time doing so,” commented Greene. “I always kept Holy Cross close because the community is amazing, and I always appreciated the mission of the school.”

Plans on campus

“I want to be involved in the advancement of Holy Cross College so that all involved with our community can experience and know that we wanted to keep the spirit of Holy Cross alive while furthering the Catholic, Christian, and Holy Cross College mission. I look forward to working with all faculty, staff, and students at Holy Cross to fulfill our goals,” said Greene.